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Hi people, long time no see, i have not been on here for soe years now after selling my lovely mk2 ST/GHIAX , well now my other car sits in the garage keeping warm i thought i would buy my self a run around, and i picked up a ST200, and its good to be back behind the wheel of a ST again :laugh:

Any way, i was doing some checks round the car etc and my cable that comes from the imrc unit is very very slack, is there a way of tighting up the cable do you guys know?

And my 2nd question is coming from a st24 to a 200 yes there is a power diffrence but when i put my foot to the floor say in 1st or 2nd after 3500rpm you get a kick which is fine but then at 5000rpm you get another hugh power boost, is this the way a st200 drives or could this be because of the slack cable etc.

Thanks people.

Its nice to be back again :)
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Ive never noticed that with mine, kick at about 3.5rpms and then just pulls all the way through the rev range????
The inner cable at the throttls end is usually about 1/2 inch up/down movement with the engine off. Best check is start up an blip the throttle and look to see if the cable pulls open the throttles OK..Ther is no adjustment and the gears/stepper motor in the IMRC box will take up the slack during operation...
how strong is your kick? mine in 1st and 2nd is fantastic, but 3rd upwords dont really feel any thing, is this just because of the higher up the gears the car is losing power to kick etc
now theres a familiar name, how r u doing ryan? long time not seen you on here, glad to hear you've bought yourself another st so hopefully will see u more on here :L
Hi fred mate, i see you are still here mate, i am doing good mate, you doing ok your self mate.

I have to admit i do love this st200 its putting a smile back on my grumpy face :laugh:
yeah still here, i try to help out other meggers on this site when needed,

my project is still ongoing, i should hear very soon if the unit turns up for my car, and if its going to be remapped soon, its looking good now, from before wasted 8 months to be told the garage i had it in before couldnt do the remap,

but i think im nearly there to having my st back, and finally enjoying my turbo'd st24, which ive got to say is probably the only one in the country which im happy about :D

if you do go to one of these meets in the future, hopefully i will have my car ready to show you, its been a long process but in the end i know it will be worth it :smoking:
i just had a look though your rebuild bit, i see its getting there, i all so see that the bar i made you for locking off the pully works fine lol, will be good to see it when its done fred mate
any way back to my thing for the mo, i went out for another drive, and the imrc is working when i boot it as when she gets to the 3.5k mark the exhaust note will change and you will get a little power gain etc, but every now and then it seems to have a mind of its own lol, i was in 3rd coming up to 3.5k, got a very small notice in power then around 5k she will kick in and i think it has done it in 2nd as well when i put my foot down she was flat but still pulling very well then kicked in around the 5k mark, but most times its round the 3.5k mark, could this be a intermittent problem etc guys or a new imrc :(
Sounds like the transistor is starting to fail mate, a nice easy job to do and cheap an all which is always a bonus.. Check the wiki for the How 2..
ok, it could be when the engine is getting warm it is breaking down etc, could be a case of a new unit or replace the transistor, i think i will have a look at moving the imrc unit under the battrey to stop the heat soak when the prob is fixed, there must be a way of testing the transistor if its damaged but is there a way of testing with a intermittent fault etc?

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