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How do you increase the turbo boost on a variable vane turbo?

Typically the turbo found on Euro 4 Mk3 Mondeo Diesels, that have the electronic actuator.

Is there a pressure sensor that provides feedback to the electronic actuator?

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Yes, if the signal from the sensor is modified so thar the ECU "thinks" it is producing >>less<< boost, the ECU may raise the boost level to compensate

there is someone producing tuning boxes to do just that

there are other means to increase how quickly the maximum boost level is reached (reducing turbo lag/ increasing throttle response

unfortunatly increasing the boost level may not have the desired boost in torque/ power -

i run a stand- alone 2 -stage (+ stock/ defeat) digita microprossesor controlled boost controller with 120psi solenoid, i can turn my boost up to any level i wish while driving along but there is not mutch point as the compressor reaches a "plateo" where the PSI increases but the gas flow does not

picture shows pressure vs gas flow and the deminishing returns -

Rectangle Slope Font Plot Parallel

however its a lot cheaper than a hybrid turbo

and boosting it up to the "optimum" level quicker gives good returns


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