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Injector Re-coding

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in regards to the title.. a friend of mine has just bought an 02 plate Mondy 130ps and was told that the injectors need re-coding, now i understand that it needs doing.. but i dont understand why?

what benefit does coded Injectors have?

and also anybody near Kent got the Mobydic Cable that can do it for him? (obv we will compensate for your time)

or even would let us go to them and borrow it for half hour (i have formidable on my laptop)?

or at worst case... a Mechanic with the gear

Thanks in advance
Martin + Ray
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I'm also looking for someone to fit my recon injectors and code them, i live in between sheffield and chesterfield, anybody know anyone who does it at a reasonable price?????
going rate is £40 ish, any garage with good diagnositc equip can do it, they need coding if theyve been refurbed, renewed, or , once theyve done so many miles (ie 100million cycles) the ecu throws the codes out and they need coding back in, its almost like a reminder that theyre wearing and will need changing soon
does the new snap on gear do it?
Yes snap on gear does it

what benefit does coded Injectors have?
they need to be coded otherwise they wont fire the fuel in at the right time/quantity, so basically if they arnt coded the car will run like a bag of poo
you can easy tell when they are "out of range" by the dieseling/tractor like knock...
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