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Injectors... anyone know where i can get 4?

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Hi Guys...
I've got P2339 (Cyclinder 4 Knock sensor above thresh-hold) cannot read code from that injector, or re-write it - checked the connectors and all seems well so my father-in-law said to get just that injector replaced, but having a car thats done 115k and swapping 1 injectors seems a bit stupid when there all original. if anyone knows where i can get them fairly quickly and without paying fords Premium i'd appreciate it.

The Cars a Zetec-S TDCi 130
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try shane at Swad diesels, at least you will get a no-nonsense and fair advice, and a nice drive out
I couldn't agree more with the swad diesels recommendation , had mine done there , top banana.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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