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Injectors, EGR, Glow plug and Engine Management Warning lights help Please!

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Right where do I start!
I bought a 2006 56 reg 2.2TDCI Ghia X Mondeo from the company I work for, I knew the car and it had not had a single problem in 3 years and 99,000 miles!
Obviously the moment I purchased it its gone down hill.... It started with not starting, and was diagnosed by Ford as needing replacement injectors, this made sense as the glow plug warning light was flashing. It went to Colchester Fuel Injection for re-con injectors to be fitted. After they did their work it was still playing up, so they then diagnosed it as the EGR Valve, but they have blanked this off rather than replace it due to the cost.
I collected the car Monday and by Tuesday the glow plug warning light was back on flashing, and then last night the engine management light came on. The glow plug light hasn't been on since early in the week but this morning the engine management light was still on when I started the car.

Basically are both these warning lights a symptom of the EGR Valve being blanked off? Or something more sinister? The car itself seems to be running well with no smoke on start up etc. Thanks in advance!
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The engine management light will come on if your EGR valve is blanked off because it's a Euro 4 and has a sensor for detecting gas flow. You can safely ignore this and there's a few people who just live with the light on because of the benefit of running with no EGR.

Glow plug light mainly comes on when there's a problem with the fuelling and injector system. Most people first try a new fuel filter first because its cheap and sometimes fixes the problem. Since you've got an OBDII compatible Mk3 you can pick up a cheap code reader and plug it in to see what errors are being thrown up rather than pay a garage to do the same.
Brilliant thanks for the reply, I've got the option to pull out of buying it but at the price I can have it for its still tempting as its absolutely spotless
One peice of advice when changing the fuel filter get a ford one, they are a bit more but well worth it. I have just replaced mine with a cheap one and it brought the coil on straight away and caused me no end of problems so I put my old one back on for now and coil has gone and car is fine again.

Also do a search on here, the flashing coil is one of the most common things to happen with these diesel cars and there is lots of info on it and lots of reasons why it may be coming on, it could be down to something like a cam sensor etc so a cheap code reader is well worth it. I run my car with a blanked egr and just put up with the eml light due to all the benefits from having it blanked, I just check the codes each week.

I would definately try all he cheaper options first.

Does the coil seem to come on when you boot it? or when its up to temp? or does it just come on randomly?
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