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just had rac out to look at my car mk3 mondeo 2.0 tdci, their diagnostic is no2 injector they wrote no2 knock sensor, suspect no2 injector open circut??? any 1 had this problem and how do i get it fixed??
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Get a proper diagnostic before you do anything else.

Some RAC guys are good others are not.

What was the problem for you to call them out?
i was overtaking a car at about 55mph 5th gear the turbo kicked in n then all of a sudden the coil light come on flashing permanantly ant the engine went flat lik there was no turbo, i can still get to 70 mph plus but no pulling power, no smoke or anything till the next morning car took ages to start and kicked out loads of white smoke till it started, once started it starts fine unless i leave it for a good fiew hours
the injectors prob need recoding
Change the fuel filter, No point in paying £60+ to get it plugged in for them to swap the filter and say its OK now.

only about £10, refill with clean diesel to help it start faster.
I've read one recommendation somewhere to change the fuel filter every 8,000 miles, not sure if its necessary that oftenbut I will certainly be changing mine every service.
Sounds to me more like injector number 2 is spannered and is going to need replacing, fuel filter should be done as a matter of course.
thank you every 1 who commented ive had it fixed now at a cost of £280.00 which was no2 injector was naffed, 245.00 for the new injector from ford dealers, and £35 for re code, they didnd do it the first time though took it back and after a lengthly argumet they re coded it again this time with m watching and he was doin it in the wrong firing order i was sure its 1342 for th mk 3 mondeo he was doin it 1432 so i told hinm again and he re done it and tomy amusement it works perfectly fine again lol thanks again every 1who commented was a great help
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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