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Intercooler pipe problem

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Hi all, I'm having a bit of an issue with keeping my intercooler pipe attatched to the turbo. It basically keeps slipping off. Apparently there is supposed to be a "lip" on the out pipe on the turbo to stop the intercooler pipe slipping off. It sounds like I have a dump valve fitted when it slips off (great if your driving round McDonalds!!)

It's got to the point now that I have screwed it back in place that many times iv'e started to round off the jubilee clip.

The only thing I can think of is to put some sealent on the the join to prevent it slipping but i'm reluctant to do this just in case I do any damage.
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I'd be looking to get hold of a new jubilee clip first that'll be easier to get nice and tight.
The pipe was replaced about 4 months ago and the jubilee clip is vertually brand new. Ive tightened it as tight as my drill will allow but still slides off when grease builds up
Grease builds up? What grease?

If the pipes are a tight fit a drop of washing up liquid is all thats needed not grease.

I think you need to take it off & clean it out, Could it be oil & gunk like the egr & inlets get covered in not actually grease?

Needs cleaning anyway.
When the pipe drops off theres a black greasy residue over the pipe. I clean it off before re-fitting and after a while it comes off again with the same results
Ok if it's oil then should it be there??
Not really, But unless the engine & turbo are 100% oil tight you will get some.

If its really excessive you might want to get the turbo checked out.

Once you clean the pipework you should be able to fit it securely using a standar screwdriver or small socket not a drill.

If you get it nice & tight with a decent seal, oil should not be able to get past and cause it to slip off.
This is the problem, it was screwed in tightly with a screwdriver as tight as I could get it and it still slipped off. I have tried everything in trying to get it tighter. Thats why i'm at the stage where I need to use some sort of sealant or bonding agent to secure it now
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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