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Intercooler Pipe

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This is a follow on from my post about the EGR valve. Having cleaned both the EGR and inlet manifold I ound that my hesitation/rocking at 1800-2000 was still there. On closer inspection i found a split in the pipe going from the intercooler to the bottom of the EGR. As the split was at the top of the pipe I shortened it and reconnected but I the problem is still there and worse if anything. My economy has now dropped to 37mpg on a motorway run at 70mph!

Am I right to assume this could be causing the problems?

My questions are twofold:

1) can someone explain the intercooler setup, where it comes from, how it relates to the turbo and EGR

2) Where to get that pipe, can i get some standard pipe and 'make it fit' or is there something you can use to temporarily patch it up?

Thanks in advance
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the pipe is ford only buddy about 40 quid wouldnt of thought you could make one as it different diameters each end i superglued mine and put loads of electrical tape over the split been good for 5 months i have the same hesitation aint a clue wot to try mine blows smoke when its hesitating not loads but it does apart from the 18-2000 hesitation it seems fine apart from the obvious smokey start sounds like a tractor until warm my EGR is blanked off so aint a clue bud
I've just had the hose off again and used a rubber glove to patch her up lol! Seems to have solved the problem temporarily but need to buy a hose really. Such a rip off for some rubber!!!

Economy doesn't seem much better either.

Thinking about blanking the EGR off but not sure what the point is if it doesnt solve all these stuttering problems?
well i must admit dont either i did notice on mine the egr/intercooler pipe when i was attaching it to the intercooler the plastic part the pipe goes on is loose dont know how its supposed to be attached to intercooler may be my problem just about to ask
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