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intercooler question

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hi guys was takin my intercooler pipe off to check the split i noticed the plastic part of the intercooler were the pipe fits ont seems loose/slack how is this attached to the intercooler is it supposed to be solid onto the intercooler
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yes it shuld be solid, maybe the pipe is stretched or sumit like that.
cheers for that bud might have to take the front bumper off and have a look it was as i said when putting the pipe back on i noticed there was a lot of play on the plastic part of the intercooler maybe its lost its seal i take it there glued on or somit like that will see if i can find a pic of one to see cheers bud sorry didnt get down cars running like sh*t didnt wana get stuck half way down
mmmmm lookin at a few pics the ends of the intercooler seem to point downwards are there different ones as my left hand pipe faces up so the pipe can attack to the egr/intercooler
ne worries mate. i bought a new wishbone, it was the only way i could get the car on the drive.
they fairly cheap i paid 26 quid each which i thought was good
bloody hell
has the car got the front bumper on or off mate dont suppose you can see the plastic pipe im on about how it attaches to the intercooler left side
it clips on. theres a rubber gasket that seals it. will try and double check tomora if its dry and can get at it
ok cheers buddy
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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