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Hey all,

is this any good for tdci 155, i know you can use st 225 intercoolers but how about RS ones???

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Jack .. how much for the uni big intercooler to me m8 ?
Sure I could knock of 10% for you mate ;)

and 10% off the intercooler piping kit as well, if you want one :L
Cant see price for mondingo???

Is it straight bolt on job, what gains have you experienced?

Whats best price with catch oil tank too?

ooooooo shiny, im gettin one of those! Jack-st is there a MEG price?? and on the oil catch tank too!
This one :

Do bigger as well.

Can do for 10% off which is fair.

And Oil catch tank £23 with any purchase.

Also can arrage fitting and mapping if wanted.
Are they bolt on jobs? Do you need a fitting kit too?

Not bad prices though,
FYI radiator is spelt wrong on your website, might help when people are searching for it.

Of course if I have been a numpty misread it then ignore this post lol
Jask-st , i think around my birthday i will be coming to see you!
Jack ..
thanks for the intercooler mate...

i have fitted it and just fits with the Forge Set of Pipes that i have
or tho i had to chop some of the exsiting intercooler brackets away to alow this to fit ...
will get photos on later
What size cooler did you get Mark?
Notice any improvements?
that one Oilburner16 ..

as seems it tuck me from 5.30ish to 8ish lastnite to do ...
just got the bumper back on before it was too dark
tuck it out for a Drive

it holds boost better but its a more direct/sudden feal to the boost
that may be due to the pipes it self not expanding under high PSI boost

oh just a tip .. the intercooler is about 3" longer and i had to Jig the pipes around a little to fit and make some brackets

us some washing up liquid to get the pipes on

i will take some pics later
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Some photos will be great.

Will you be taking it to R-Tech to get dyno figures, or alternatively having the map tweaked?
i'm in the looking for some 2.2 801d injectors to put in the car

then do some more tweaking
Interesting, have they got a better flow rate?

Are you not tempted to try a 2.2 conversion, you've got the mechanical skills.
Sorry missed all the developments, thought you may of PT'd me, glad to here performing well. Look forward to seeing the pics :L
lol na only did it lastnite ...

i have pics will upload
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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