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interior bling

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hi these bits through today so obviously they had to be put straight on...!

got them from ebay from a guy called alanos350z...they came from poland, post was quick and they are very good quality..!! :)
here is a link to his ebay shop...
(type in ford on the search bar).
well pleased with em..! :smoking:
rgds stu
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very nice - how easy to fit? just pop out the old ones and clip in the new?
hi..they are stick on stainless steel covers..? :)
aha - so very easy then! might have to add this to the to-do list - my poor wallet!
took about 15 mins..!! i got them in 2 hits to spread the cost about.. :}
rgds stu
I saw them on eBay, really really liked the door window demister vent rings and I'm going to order a pair myself,
undesided about the heater vent covers and ashtray cover...

Bits like the climate control suround, glove box handle and door handle trims arnt doing it for me at all :( think there a bit tooooo much

I'm more after the subtle "oem look" changes, making my car how fords should have in the first place :)
Tonefiesta said:
making my car how fords should have in the first place :)
thats what i'm trying to do.. ;)

can't leave anything as standard, i think they look pretty cool myself without being too over the top..? the car is a ghia x so has various chrome/metal touches already and as the leather is black the interior is quite dark so these kinda lighten it up a bit..? :content:
rgds stu
Really like the whole lot. Your car is the best combination in my opinion leather/wood and and nice bit of stainless steel. Spot on.

What was the service like from the Ebay seller,they come from Poland don't they?
many thanks oilburner..great minds think alike..!! :}
the seller, alan was great with absolutely no problems..he refunded me some postage (i'd bought a couple o items together and paid too much p&p)and it took about a week to arrive, nicely packaged and protected and fit very well with nice thin strong doublesided tape..? i cleaned then heated the areas to be stuck to gently 1st with a heatgun.. ;)
don't think i'll add any more (unless he does a surround for stereo..!)as think it looks ok as is..have just replaced interior bulbs including footwell bulbs with white leds as well as fitting rear footwell leds so whole effect of interior is,in my opinion,clean and sharp looking...the photos i took don't really do it all justice..!
rgds stu
No I compleatly agree :)
each on there own look great, just for me personaly too many is too much :)

Mines the same as yours, ghia x :D
Look really smart mate,have been looking at buying some of these meself :thumbup:
Athough I like the look of them does anyone think his prices are a bit ott considering what they are,I mean I got a stainless clock surround for my old focus delivered from USA for €12.
i know what you're saying...but i'd been looking for something like this for a while and hadn't found anything else..? he at least is not greedy with the postage like a lot of fleabay sellers, if you buy more than one you get charged once as its posted together..
if there's a few of you wanted bits and got together maybe you could do a deal with him..? dunno, but "if you don't ask you don't get" or "shy bairns get nowt" depending which end o the country you come from..!!!
rgds stu
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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