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Interior Boot Release not working, but control unit thinks it is...

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Got a Y plate 1.8 here... Neither the interior or exterior boot release buttons work, but the remote key release does. If I put the control unit in self-test mode and use the buttons i get the chime / lights flashing, so both of the buttons work... any idea why they wont open the boot then? the control unit reacts to the buttons, the control unit reacts to the key, and the control unit opens the boot, but only from the key...


Sam J
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by sailing in the forum i suggest this


it makes sense since the "core" of the boot mechanism is at the boot Bolt and not in the dash button or at the GEM, so its like a bypass saying to the GEM that everything is alright when in fact its not.

i'll try it on mine and ASAP give you the news
Switch in the boot handle has broken.

Remove the wires to this and the internal release with work again. If you want both buttons working replace the boot handle/switch.
nop... the boot switch is OK i've checked and its working fine...
it could also be from the wire that connects the boot switch to anther device....

i'm now looking for the wiring manual/service manual to see all the conections of the locking system.

if anyone has it i would apreciate it=)
thanks in advance
Same problem, I've already replaced the exterior switch and that didn't fix it. I've also tried shorting the connections on the interior switch to see if that helped and it didn't. Having looked at the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual, it seems that the exterior switch is routed through the interior switch and then into pin 16 of the "central timer unit" although I have no idea where that actually is.
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