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interior lights not working??

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my bro has driven my mondeo and liked it so much he went out and bought his own but he has out done me and bought a excecutive model/ghia ha, but when we got it home we noticed that his lights on the dash,tempeture gauge,speedo, rev all are not working. but the glove box, footwell, roof light, head lights, rear lights all still work fine. so we checked all the fuses and they are all working none blown and are all the right amp. i checked the forums and read all about lights but none of them are same issue as mine no wet no corroding on fuses or fuse board i also checked wiki on fuses and relay but all fine

can anyone help with this as thinks i might have to bring it up to a car electric place down the road they are cheaper than ford but still pricey

oh and the car is 2.0 petrol incase this is any different thanks in advance
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check out the headlight switch itself if all dash lights are out.

( swap with a working unit & test no-working one in an OK dash etc )

if the swap qworks OK then the switch may just need a dismantle & abit of work on a connection or 2 inside to tighten em up again & make em work ( they can come loose over time ) or if that fails then grab a spare of ebay & use that instead :L
Does it have a dashboard dimmer switch?
yes it does have a dimmer switch i messed with that but no joy it still all black i can hardly see anything at night, speed, revs its a bit dangerous, yeah i will replace the switch with the one from my other mondeo to see if it is that but the headlights still work by the same switch, does this mean it is working or could it still be broke?

thanks for the replys
i had a glitchy headlight switch after having it converted to blue as there was a loose connection internally

everything still worked spot on apart from the dash lights stopped working every now & then when i hit bumps in the road.
ok thanks i'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes
ha ha that was the problem i just droped down the brakers and bought a light switch replaced it and all works fine.

thank you compuwiz you know you stuff

thanks everyone else for the replys
old one is probably repairable for use as a spare if you want to mess with it a little ( mine was simply a loose connection between the rear section of the switch & the front circuitboard, just needed to re-secure the connection between that board & the rear section of switch & the thing has been trouble free since then - about 4 years now )
i did actually open it up but i couldn't find anything wrong with it so just binned it.

i got a new switch and whole glove box off a fella around the corner from me for 20euro so was very happy with that.

thanks again compuwiz
on mine all looked well but it was a dodgy connection on the connection to the circuit board ( its kinda some metal pins that connect to some wire running over a gap on the board etc ( these 2 sections were not making contact with each other as they should.

the solution was to solder the connection to make them solid again ( tweaking the pins onto the wire only worked for about a week etc )

if that had not fixed it then the fault could have been deeper but at least you got a nice cheap fix etc :L
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