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Little Megger
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This is my first post on this forum so can I say hello and thanks in advance for any replies.

I've got an 03 TDCi 115 horse Mondy that I bought a couple of years ago as a damaged repairable.

To cut a very long story short I've got a bit of a problem with it

I had to put a secondhand engine in it cos the first one was f*&$ed in the accident.It was set up at Frauds in April of this year and has been running fine until October when the glow plug light started flashing and it sounded like a tractor

I thought it might be an injector prob and i had it checked by a Delphi specialist in Sheffield.He reprogrammed the injectors and erased a code in the PCM #1664.It's been fine until the last couple of weeks when the light started flashing and it 's hard to start.Sometimes it takes about 4 attempts and then only if you give it a bit of throttle.I've had the PCM read again but it hasn't shown any codes up but it's still acting up.

Has anybody on here had anything similar happen with their car?

sorry about the long post especially my first one

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