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Is legal cover or protected no claims worth the extra cost?

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With all these no win no fee people out there is it really needed to pay for legal cover?

Got my renewal from Chris Knott and it is £19.99 for legal.

Is protected no claims worth the extra cost, I hear you still loose some if you have a fault claim. I have over 15 years NCB, so if i was not protected would I loose all my NCB or just some?

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legal cover is for peace of mind in case soemthng happens

my mate had an accident
called his insurance company
didn't claim from them
called one of the no win no fee types
they gave him a car
3 months later they said the case was going to be 50/50
the people who hired him the car came after him for the money
his insurance company didn't want to know

as for ncb, yes, protect it

it doesn't matter how long you've had your ncb for, they only do it as % so you will see 30, then 40, then 50, then 60 then depending on what insurer you go with you can have 65/70/75%

but if you figure it out it's either 5 or 6 years worth of no claims, and seeing as a bump that your fault you lose 2 years worth of ncb, 3 bumps will wipe you out, whereas proceted ncb will save you 2 fault bumps a year
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Hi buddy, have worked in Insurance for a few years now. As per Dojj - protected NCB is definitely worth it.

When you get your quote though, call the Insurer to see what their protected bonus will cover as this will vary from Insurer to Insurer. Most companies will just renew the policies without the protected NCB if you have a bump with still max bonus, each bump after that will generally cost you 2 years of bonus

However, some will try and get away with protecting only a certain amount of the claim, so the protected NCB will only be valid if the claim is under £1k. If the claim is over £1k the bonus will still be stepped back by 1 or 2 years even though it's "protected"
Definately. I`ve always had it and never used it but got hit from behind in December. The 3rd party played silly beggars and even tried to deny responsibility. The solicitors involved have done a great job so far in keeping on top of it to get everything sorted and for £25 I think it was a bargain.

Remember the "no win, no fee" brigade will generally only take on cases where liability is 100% on the 3rd party. If it`s gonna be a toss up, chances are they wouldn`t touch you with a bargepole :L
Legal protection does so much for you really.
If you were involved in an accident and had to take time off of work due to injury, most companies only pay statitory (sp?) sick pay now which is no good if you have bills, mortgages etc, so they will go to court on your behalf and get back your loss of earnings from the 3rd parties insurance.
Also helps you get excess back if your're hit by an uninsured driver.

Protected NCD is the only thing I 110% recommend at work.
I had a woman on the phone (she nearly broke it) who was insured with Admiral, had first bump in 32 years and as her NCD was unprotected, they removed all her NCD and she had to start again and was getting prices of over £1600 when her price was £400ish previous year!
With Aviva, if your NCD is unprotected, depending on the cost of the claim, we step your NCD back by 1 or 2 years, not remove it all.
You have to remember, an 'at fault' claim is anything your insurance company has to pay for whether it's your fault or not.
Vandalism, theft, fire etc (although some companies protect against vandalism claims so they're non fault, just like we protect against uninsured drivers)
If you come back from shopping and somebody has driven into your car and driven off and you claim off your own insurance, at fault claim. Do you want to lose NCD because of some other idiot?
It may cost more at the start of the year but will save you money come renewal time if you do claim.

It's all insurance, legal protection, NCD protection. You're insuring yourself against a risk, the 'what if', if it ever happens, best to be fully protected.

Must admit, before I worked in insurance, I didn't give a fook, price was main thing. After learning what these things do for you and speaking to customer that have used legal etc, always make sure it's on my own insurance now and I cant wait until my NCD gets to the level were I can protect, just for that bit of peace of mind.

On a side note, not every time, but ocassionally, when I add NCD protection onto a quote, it actually brings the price down! They're a better risk protected.
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Thing to remember is your protecting your discount, not your premium - I'd always protect mine.

For example - normal premium is say £1,000 - company give you 10% discount for every year claim free up to 5 years.

Scenario 1 - without protected NCD

Premium £1,000, 5 years NCD giving 50% discount so you pay £500. You submit claim and your insurer are unable to make a recovery so goes down as fault claim. Your NCD will be stepped back to 3 years (30%) so your now looking at £700 premium, then they may apply a cheeky 5% load to reflect a claim so you next year you pay £770 and then any general rise in premium.

Scenario 2 - with protected NCD

Premium £1,000, 5 years NCD giving 50% discount so you pay £500. You submit claim and your insurer are unable to make a recovery so goes down as fault claim. Your NCD will be protected, therefore not stepped back so you'll remain at £500, then they may apply a cheeky 5% load to reflect a claim so you next year you pay £550 and then any general rise in premium.

Obviously the smaller the premium, the smaller the benefit but by not protecting it, you then have to build back up to maximum and the more claims you have, the faster you lose it.
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That's exactly how I describe it to customers over the phone :L
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