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Is this a DMF problem?????

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I have a rattling noise when idling on my Mondeo 130bhp TDCi.....

But when i press the clutch it stops. Car drives fine, no crunching ect ect......all in all perfect, but this rattle on idle.

Could it be release bearing???

What does it sound like???.......
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It could be the alternator bearing. Someone told me that. Mine is still making a noise I need to get mine checked
would that stop with the clutch being pressed??
Mine does not ATM but I was advised to still get it checked. So am off to the garage on monday.
may get that checked then......... as im sure thats cheaper,lol
it could be the belt tensioner as i have just had mine replaced and the rattling noise stopped. it just rattled on n off while idling. if its coming from the left hand side of the engine wen standing at the front then it could be tht. just sharing my thot on wat it could be if it helps :)
The auxilliary belt tensioner is the usual cause of rattles at tickover but it's a bit odd that dipping the clutch stops it. It could be that dipping the clutch raises the tickover slightly as the tensioner rattle only happens at a very low tickover at first. If the rattle is from the drivers side when you look under the bonnet it's most likely the tensioner as it's at this end, the clutch is at the other side.
This happens at about 800rpm's......if i raise it to say 1000rpms it stops...

If i am sat in the car it sounds like it is coming from the passenger footwell... But i will investigate a little at the weekend.

I did think first that it was the Aux belt...... it could be that
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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