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J - August 1991 to July 1992 Sierra Mk1 1.8 Laser

Reviewed by:
on 11-December 10

Owning Experience

Owned For: 8 years before I sold it.
Good Points: Cheap to run, spare's/service parts where cheap.
Bad Point: None.


How It Drives:
Fuel Economy:
Overall Rating:

Well what can I say, I had this Sierra for 8 years, never once did it really ever let me down, but there was a few small bills along the way as such. She was a early 1992 model J reg, 1.8 CVH engine fitted with a 5 speed manual gear box. Engine wise I never touched as such, the only time I put a spanner on her was for oil changes, spark plugs, rota arm, air filter's and cam belt changes, that was it engine wise. The engine pulled nice, even for a 1.8 carburettor model, in the wet when pushed you could get the back end out with ease, so power wise it was fine as such. Gearbox wise, every gear change was always spot on, the only thing I did was change the thrush bearing due to the rattle getting on my nerves, while in there though I did fit another clutch plate (full kit), made sense, there not the lightest of gearbox's to be dropping every other weekend. Body work wise she was a 5 door hatchback in radiant red, I kept her well wax oiled in all the doors and under neither and the only spot to have any rust on her was at the bottom of the rear wheel aches when I sold her (that's where there all go), and to be fair it wasn't that bad as such, kept at bay so to speak, other then that not a mark on her bar the odd stone chip. I always did like the body design of the Sierra and still do to this day. Interior wise it did everything you wanted, mine being a low spec model missed out on electric windows, the one option I wish it had fitted, other then that, once I had fitted a CD player it was just fine, nice place to be and a nice place to sit. Drive wise,well, I never had any problems, jump in a drive, didn't matter to me if it was just a slow steady drive or when I gave it some stick, she always handle well with me, never a problem going round corners, just have to remember that's she's rear wheel drive so in the wet, ice and snow treat the throttle with respect and the back end would stay where it should be. The only other bills I came across was tyres, one exhaust system, one battery ( heavy duty one), disc's and pads on the front, front compliance bush's (come on, who never fitted them on a Sierra?), a pair of rear shocker's, a pair of front road springs and one fuel tank. When I sold her on I had put another 75000 more mile's on the clock then when she to me with. She was my second Sierra, my first being a Mk 1, 1984 A reg model, 1.6 pinto, my first car, and she also stood by me well, even if abused at the time being my first car. I have to say when I bought the Mondeo I wish I had the spare room to lay the Sierra up, just wasn't meant to be, I so wish I could of kept her, I miss her. The Sierra is a classic car for sure, weather it be a low spec model or a RS500. So there has being a few small bills along the way when I had one, only to be expected no matter what car you have. I always enjoyed driving it, working on it was easy, one of my all time favourite cars for sure, I always will have a soft spot for them. Over the years in the family we have had one MK 1 Sierra, 1.6 pinto, 5 door hatchback in ocean blue, L spec, 1984 A reg, one Mk 2 Sierra, 1.6 pinto, 5 door estate in galaxy blue, L spec, 1989 F reg, load's of room in that one, and a Mk2 Sierra, 2.0Ltr DHOC engine, XR4X4 model, 5 door hatchback in tasman blue which was my uncle's, plus my I talk about above. The Mk 1 was in the family for years, my granddad bought it when it was a year old, then my uncle had it, then while I pasted my test my dad had it for a couple of months before being put in to my name, so that was a real family car, again, I wish I had the room to of kept that one as well but had to move on up as such. The Ford Sierra has always had a good name and reputation with out family. So to some up my thought's on the Ford Sierra, great fantastic car what ever the model!
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