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jus got my smoothed mondeo back

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i jus got my car back how do i put pics of it up and add it to the members garage? the car looks vry well with d recesses smooth
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switch to full reply and use the manage file at the bottom or send me them and i shall put them up for you
[email protected]
Here is my smoothed Mondeo just back from the shop.


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I do like that, looks just fine, nowt wrong with that, would be nice to see one of the later style front and rear bumpers done as well, I think they would turn out fine as well. :L
Do they have problems matching the paint colour when painting bumpers?

In your picture it looks fairly different, My bumper has a tinge to it that stands out more in certain lights.
I've aske dthat before, apparently it#'s like that even from the factory :ponder: Shows up particularly well on silver unfortunately.
I like it, something missing though. Front bumper needs to be deeper.
the colour is accurate.the sun is out now and i jus had a look .the bumpers match the surrounding panels girls. :)
Nice one, mine not finished yet.
The looks different thats for sure. I quite like it, but could do with something else like a more complex wheel design?

The reason why some bumpers look like different shades is to do with the way the pigment settles and dries on the panel.

Plastic is 'less cold' than metal. When painted, this allows the pigment to lay less flat, as the paint dries off quicker than on a metal surface.

So, it can be the same paint, and wing and bumper can be painted at exactly the same time, yet the shade could look different.

From the factory, bumpers can be pre-painted at a different source, and could use a different lacquer which all affects the final shade. Silver is critical for this.

There are also shade variants, Stardust Silver has 3 on my colour system. I tend to use a lighter variant on bumpers as you get a better match panel to panel.

Hope this goes some way to explaining why bumpers look different shades to the rest of the car!
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i jus hope u guys like the different look.dont worry about the color it looks fine in person. maybe not 100%% accurate but it looks fine . :) at least i tryed something new and fresh and i think i pulled it of.all mondeos seem to have d st 220 kit or d zetec s kit. mine is different 4 a change :content: hope u guys like it
Its a grand fine job, im sure people like it, but then, does it really matter if they dont, you done it for you :)
i no its a fine job. im so happy wit it. at least it gives u guys a chance to what can be done with standard bumpers.
I like that, looks original and looks like they did a top job.
thanks :content: they did an excellent job .
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