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Just become a Mondeo Owner... Initial Q's

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Hi guys (and gals!), just bought a 03 130 TDCI 101K. Really love the car, the engine is so lively yet quite smoothe and relaxing to drive (coming from a Fiat Punto!).

The car is badged as a Ghia, but when I enter the reg into insurance sites, it gets picked up as a Zetec-S is this correct?

The car had been serviced about 5k ago by the previous owner, but I dont want to trust the stuff used in the service. Considering the relatively low cost of the car is it better to go to a private garage or take it to the dealers for a service. Although I am confident I havent bought a banger, I would like someone to give it a thorough looking over so I can pick up on any major issues before they get worse.

Any help much appreciated :)
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Welcome to Mondeo ownership UncleNed. Virtually every question you can ask regarding your car can be found on this site.Try to stay away from main dealers unless it is absoloutly necessary because they charge an absolute fortune.Mik.
Congratulations on your purchase.

No, the Zetec-S and Ghia are two different models. The zetec-s will have 18” alloys + different bumpers and side skirt. The ghia is likely to have the wooden interior trim i think?

As for the service, I’d say its best going to an independent rather than a main stealers. Try and get personal recommendations though as there are some bad garages around as I have experienced.
Does your car have the factory fitted bodykit and 18" wheels?

I've had this happen the other way round. My Zetec S is identified as a Ghia.
Im sure the alloys arent 18"

heres a pic

Ill have a search on here, but can anyone recommend a decent garage in East London/Essex within the M25?
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yes theyr not the 18" alloys. By the way you can tell the alloy size by looking at the tyre. It will have a number such as 175/65/17 for example. Take the last number ie. 17 = size in inches of your wheel.

Obviously someone could have swapped them but it doesnt look like you have the side skirt fitted there either so i'd image you've got a ghia. I think the ghia would more often than not have the longer front fogs aswel opposed to the round ones on the zetec s....but not sure thats always true.
Hi Ned,

You have a pre-facelift Ghia model. Those alloys are most definitely 16" as opposed to 18".

Hope this helps clarify things.

BTW, welcome to MEG.

Lee :L
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