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Just broke my drivers side black lexus taillight

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Was just reversing a very small trailer and couldnt see where it was going until i heard a bang. I got out and checked and the edge of the trailer had broke the lense of my light :annoyed:

Does anyone know where you can buy mk3 black rear lexus lights individually to try save me sum £ thanks :L
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Phew, thank goodness for that. :p

I'm joking. Your best bet is probably the manufacturer themselves. They're likely to have spares lying around as not every pair will come out the moulds perfectly and, depending on their quality process, might mean they have odd ones about.
hi have you looked on e bay they have lenses may find one all the best :beer:
might be best off just putting original facelift ones on mate there alot nicer but if the black lexus ones are what your looking for then ebay alwys have single ones up for sale
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