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k&n is this normal?

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so i'm slowly servicing the old girl, so today i decided to put a k&n air filter see if i can get a mile or two extra per gallon.
so i stick it in and start it up, first thing i notice is its not running right, running lumpy and kind of backfiring when coming down the revs, then i look at the exhaust...and my heart sunk...a big ploom of blue smoke.
so i reset the ecu and go for a drive, the smoke is very little now, probably normal.
so my question is, is this normal for a k&n, is it the oil on the filter getting dragged into the engine?i've read k&n can foul the maf, but would be ok with a map?
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had my k&n induction kit on nearly 2 years and never had any bother mate ,
Is it the panel air filter or an induction kit? I've recently fit a k&n panel air filter and don't seem to have any problems, get a little White smoke when giving it some beans but nothing when driving normally.
Did you oil it properly or did it come ready oiled?
think it was ready oiled as it is new, all the smoke has stopped now, so guess it was excess oil on the filter getting dragged in, or car running rich whilst it sorted out the new airflow, all seems fine now and running better than ever...but i think the ambient temperature has something to do with that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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