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Knocking from engine, vid included

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started making this noise yesterday, only happens from cold, and goes when warmed up.

Been told it could be a pulley bearing and/or possible water pump issue something around that area anyway.

I think the clacking tapping noise is self evident on the video so you should be able to pick it out:

what do you guys reckon, as its a late mk2 I thought it might have the upgraded plastic impellor, but whatever it is, I'll get the metal bladed water pump fitted anyway unless you think the noise is something terminal in which case break it to me gently lol
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certainly looks like the metal water pump i recently got for my mk 2 st24 :)

no sound on my work pc soz can't help with first point!

cheers mate,

could be aircon pulley the noise i suppose, but I just want an idea really if its terminal or not what u guys think etc, but many thanks for verification of the correct water pump, cheers mate.
Hi daz can you get a L shaped lever to fit the short end in to the tensioner plate so you could temperoraly lift the tension off those pulleys and see if the click dissapears this will prove it is comming from one of the pulleys and then its just a matter of listening with a long screwdriver to the centres to find which one .the noise also sounds like it could be something else but first eliminate the pulleys as culprits.e
I have no idea what you just said lol and I'm sat here with a haynes manual too, found the timing belt tensioner but I don't want to mess with it myself, I'll cock it up i'm sure.

Cars not being driven now at all, got it booked into an ac place monday, and my garage tuesday so between the pair of em they will sort it...I hope.

When you said it could be something else, what are you thinking?
we're talking about the auxiliary belt that drives pumps etc on the mk2 V6 engine right (not the timing chain as on this engine)? i get what salta's going on about (i think)..

the aux belt is automatically tensioned isn't it? anyway, i guess salta is suggesting you determine if any of the pulleys in this belt system are dodgy by levering or pulling the belt off each pulley in turn and therefore seeing if the nose ceases - in which case you've nailed one of the problems, or hopefully THE problem!!

Though in practice, not sure i would attempt this given that the engine would have to be running with the belt turning while you get tools stuck in there!!

oh btw when my old plastic water pump shattered, before i diagnosed it, it was causing a very noticeable knocking noise under braking - could hear it thru the footwell when inside the car. Though the more obvious effect was that my engine temp kept soaring up!!

Going by the video, the sound is coming from the front left, so this rules the water pump out, as it's on the opposite end of the engine. It sounds almost exactly like my old V6 when it had the headgasket tick of death. Hopefully it's not that though.
yep as bobsy says im definitly not talking about your timing chain gear not yet anyway lol .and heees right again i was talking about the auxilery pulleys and i was suggesting loosenining the tensioners as running the engine for a few minutes with the belt loose to check if it was those beaeings making noise the other thing i was tinkiing was the ac solenoid cliking in and out due to leak in ac or low in charge gas... anyway if your not feeling competetent with loosening the aux belts for a minute whilst the engine is running then leave it for an expert mech as it is a little dodgy to do if your not competetent with working on a running engine s
@ glenn, sounds is DEFINITELY coming from the left of the engine as you look at it, and oh feck, thanks for the heads up, the temp has been "showing" as being fine, and I always check for mayo etc and haven't found any...yet so I really hope you're wrong, last thing I need the bloody head gasket going. The car's only done 58000 miles, the last ten in the two years I've had it, can't be the head gasket surely?

That's proper pi55ed on my bonfire that has lol

Salta, I am definitely not confident enough of working on an engine, let alone a running one, I'd take me hand off im sure lol.

Hoping it is the ac pulley or bearing or whatever, seen a video of a ford taurus on youtube where the guy was able to move it freely by hand when the engine was not running and the sound was exactly like mine.

I think it makes more sense being somethign else though re headgasket as it stops making the noise when the engine has warmed up, and I am thinking using my laymans logic that if it was a bearing or a pulley the noise would be consistently there wether the engine was warm or not?
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Don't write it off as the HG just yet, as it may well be an idler bearing. Another thing to check is the front bank exhaust manifold gasket.

FYI, the when the head gasket goes, it leaks exhaust to the engine bay and there's no water /oil mixing issues or high temps as there's no coolant loss (at least not until the final stages which took a good 3 years in my case).
Take off the aux belt, then start the car to see if the noise is still there.

You'll need a small 1/4 drive ratchet or square bar to ease the tensioner up to remove the belt.
definitely haven't ruled out the HG, in fact I'm preparing for the worst, just hope it isn't as looking at some figures on here for other's who have had the HG done, its getting close to decision time as to whether I should buy another car, and I really do not want to do that.

and ahhhh on the hg info, I didn't realise that, I thought mixing of oil and water was the tell tale sign kinda thing.

On the plus side, if I do get another car, it will either be another st24, or a v6 ghia x, or possibly a very early mk3 but hopefully it won't come to that as I really can't afford it, but a car is a necessity for me... as it is for most really.

I'm a mature student, and get an instalment of my student loan in April so has come at the right time, it's just what to do for the best if the repairs run into the £700+ territory, is it gonna be worth paying that for a car that's only worth £1000 max?

I'm even debating as to whether to bother with the air con place tomorrow and just take it round the garage on tuesday as I had planned regardless, as the chances of it being something to do with the air con are minimal I suppose, yet my garage could fix that if it was but the air con place wont do the hg if it's that.

Wish I knew a bit about engines ffs

appreciate the advice L11xxy but I just don't trust myself to do something like that on my own, If I could watch someone do it first, or do it in front of someone else who knew what they were doing, no problem, but as it is, I'd rather leave it be for the professionals to sort.

Quite gutted actually as the car is a belter, low mileage, damn good bodywork, just one rear arch is getting the very very first signs of rust, and the interior is tip top. I think it's probably worth spending to get it fixed rather than replaced when looking at it as a whole, and I always planned on keeping this car for a good few years, just never easy looking at the prospect of forking out several hundred pounds that could have gone towards other things on the car at my own pace kinda thing.

What a pisser, I'll keep everyone informed of the outcome anyway, and bang the vid in the sticky about engine vid's and diagnoses once I get word from the garage, then it might help others with a diagnoses also if they come across the same thing.
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Just to rule this probability out, have you checked your spark plug leads to see if one is not shorting out on the engine somewhere.
Thats something I can do, I will have a look tomorrow, I have some hew leads I need to fit anyway, so I will do that tomorrow, probably won't but as ya say one less thing to rule out.
i stuck with my st24 after determining HG failure at 108k miles. £325 for a reconditioned warrantied engine 98k from Trent's down in Poole, Dorset (think they are a nationwide chain?) - got a local small garage to fit for £300/400 (can't recall now - tried to blank it from memory!!). engine has been great ever since.

it's just the 101 other problems i've resigned myself to fixing over the last year since buying the damned thing ;)

really hope it works out better than you'd hope - working on the aux belt etc isn't as daunting as it seems though once you get stuck in and check what tools you need before you start!

ive thought about a new engine if it is the hg on this one but not being very savvy with such things it would be just my luck to buy one and find that needed its hg doing as well.

The garage i'm taking it tomorrow is a small local independent and he is superb with his prices and help etc the only thing is he likes to moan a bit about awkward jobs, so if it is the hg I'm half expecting him to say he can't do it... but we shall wait and see on that count, if that's what happens though i'm stuck, as there's a few bad garages round here.

can I ask a seperate question though regarding hg failure.

I have seen another car being broken at the moment rather than fixed because its head gasket has failed, and you changed the engine altogether when yours failed.

Is that simply down to cost of the repair, or because if the head gasket goes, then even once repaired the engine is never the same again type of thing?

thanks for ya best wishes too, I hope its something straightforward but I suppose preparing for the worst is the best strategy at the moment.
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this was taken the same time as the other vid and is the first part of it taken straight after firing her up from cold.

As you can see the ticking noise doesn't start straight away, and to me, the engine sounds sweet as before that ticking starts?

it's really strange cause the metallic ticking/tapping doesn't start immediately from cold and by the time the engine is warmed up it has gone again.
i went thru a similar garage - a friend of my girlf's family, they have small overheads and so were the only garage near me willing to talk about my options!! The options they gave me were:

1. pay to have the heads removed, then sent off for testing to determine if it could be rectified by skimming etc, followed by cost to carry out the work if possible. They estimated £1400.00 in my case for this (i.e. to diagnose and try to fix my existing engine - no guarantees, could pay to have heads removed and find it's irrepairable and so an instant write-off with warped heads removed!!)

2. source another engine and do a straight swap, £400 odd for labour, oil/gaskets etc.

As i went the cheaper second route, I can't say what the long-term effect would have been for getting my exiting heads far as i know though the engine should be fine provided they do a good job and put in new gaskets (obviously..!!).

My newer engine came with a 3-month warranty bear in mind - Trent's, where i got it from, are well known down here. They're a scrappage/salvage yard with a few other regional sites, definitely worth contacting them - search Trent's in Poole, Dorset. I saw a V6 in the scrap yard in Poole Saturday when i was rummaging for air cleaner box clips :) they've nearly always got one in! they recondition the engines before resale. I picked mine up to save on carriage - though it's likely to be wrapped on a pallet!

there's no cheap option in the event of hg failure (unless you're a proper mech!), £700 odd was still quite hard to swallow and spending the money gave me a fair bit of stick from the lads at work that didn't want me to get the st24 in the first place..! What can you do though, i love my ST24 ;)

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fantastic info there mate, given me a clue as to what to expect and what my options are now I knew the heads may need skimming if it was the hg but wasn't aware they needed to be checked if still useable etc.

If it's the hg then I dunno, it's possibly looking like I'll carry on running the car hopefully it will see me through till june then I might just get a fresh motor in september sometime.

I dunno, I gotta see what the garage says but I'm not holding out any hope at this point that it is anything other than the hg and im looking at much expense.

Just seen a couple of youtube vids, both sound like mine, ones a head gasket gone and ones an idler pulley, going garage tomorrow anyway so hopefully he will be able to give me some further idea
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