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knocking sound on full lock

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Hi I am on the sister site with ST170 but I have bought a cheap 2001 Zetec 4dr. Its done 120k and drives beautifully for age and miles. I am getting some new front tyres as they are past best and the alignment is slight out out. Its doesnt pull though sits on motorway nicely.

When you give it full lock on left the is clunk from the front end? Any ideas I have notice you get it going over speed humps as well.
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A single clunk or several knocks?

Single clunk would point to a worn suspension part, Balljoint, Trackrod, brakes, Spring or a mount.

Several knocks could be the CV joint.
If stationary and give it full left hand lock u get one clunk.
And somtimes over speed humps u get the same. It appears to be drivers side. Its not cv as it's drives on lock fine.

Would be worth having a look at the suspension spring, one cause could be the end of the spring has snapped, its not uncommon with the amount of spped bumps and bomb holes (AKA potholes) in the road today. When mine had snapped i could not see the break in the spring,as the very end of the spring had broke off and it was around the farside of the spring, which was out of view. The big give away was the spring wasnt seated correctly in the cup, it was sat lop-sided.
yea barsteward who sold me teh car said he had just got that fixed.

The spring on the drivers side looks wrong, the n/s the shock is nice and central but on the drivers side its lop sided.

Bingo least its a cheap fix.
Thankfully not a hugley expensive job, Was it a private or trade sale when you got the car? If its only been recently i wouls go back and play merry hell with them!!! Would be obvious if its been changed by looking at it if it has been changed. On the other hand has it been changed and for some reason (very doubtfull) its snapped again?
As i said above mine has just been replaced by the garage i bought it from when i put the deposist down, Tho the kn0b5 didnt get the car retracked afterwards, would seriously advise you get it done once the spring has been done. Will save you money in the long run due to tyre wear if you dont get it done.
Hope all goes well and you get it all done.
Oh right tracking is out it's left hand down a bit.wouldn't of thought the spring would effect the trackin. I having two new Tyres fitted tomorrow and the spring looked at.

It was sold as seen trade but he said he had it done. Cheap enough car once I have finished tidying and getting the knock sorted.
Could be a problem with the top mount/ bearing
Yeh is that expensive, booked in tomorrow for a garage to see. The spring on drivers side looks wrong only knocks on speed hump not just bumpy roads and on full left hand lock u most times get a knock when u het to full lock.
Good luck at the garage, hopfully your wallet wont be going on a sudden crash diet Let us know how you get on and what it turned out to be.
There is no such thing as sold as seen when its trade.

Despite what they tell you they have statutory obligations aswel. Anything they sat after that is ontop of statutory.

They cant relieve themselves of their statutory rights just by saying 'sold as seen'
Well I have looked and the spring on the drivers side is not right looks lop sided and the shock is not central, the car sits about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch lower as the spring it not sitting right on the drivers side. Checked the top mount can't see anything that looks diff to n/s except the spring so hopefully its just that. The guy put sold as seen tested with knock from front. Other than car seems ok only paid 1100. Will get garage to check it and see what they say.
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