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Knocking / Thumping Sound

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Ok - a weird one this.

When the car is first driven and for short distances all is well. After about 10 miles or so the car develops a knocking sound which can be felt through the floor on the passengers side, possibly towards the rear of the car/rear seat footwell area.

It sounds like something loose like a handbrake cable hitting underneath - but surely if it was that it would do it all the time? Also, it wont do it if you go over a speed bump or bounce the car - it seems to develop more from vibration brought about by rough road surfaces if that makes sense. Brand new MOT with no advisories on bushes or anything.

Rear subframe bushes went through my mind - but would it come and go like mine or be there all the time?

Any Ideas?
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if you find out what it is let me know i have an obscure knocking after a period of driving, since it began ive changed all the suspension,exhaust and both front and rear bumpers so I know its not that lol
Was one of the exhaust hangers, the rubber bit under the rear seat area - was perished and I can only assume as it was stretched due to the natural movement of the exhaust and caused it to allow the exhaust to sag a little and catch underneath.

Still all sorted now, much rather that than something major.
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