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What ho one and all,

I get a daily digest from Quora and this was a recent question with answer:

What is the wisest car advice you've ever gotten from an auto mechanic?

Last year, 2020, I was doing internship at a car dealership and I had the opportunity to talk to mechanics. The dealership sold and did services for mazda, hyundai, honda and bmw vehicles.

This one mechanic I liked to talk to told me that the best thing that I could do for myself is to never buy a bmw, they're unreliable and always break down plus the parts are expensive and the same goes for luxury brands from Europe and America even Asian manufacturers, the more basic the vehicle is the less stress it will give. He also told me that the best investment I could do to a vehicle is maintenance and if I ever have an issue with the vehicle, it would be best if I diagnose it with a scan tool myself before letting anyone touch the vehicle. His last piece of advice was that I should learn how to maintain the vehicle, meaning change the engine oil, oil filter and air filter, basic maintenance I should do myself. That way, he added, I could know my vehicle better and know what issues mechanic are supposed to fix instead of paying extra money to maintain, diagnose and fix a problem which I could've fixed myself at a much cheaper price.

Don't know the last time my car went to a garage (MOT and diesel fill-up excluded.)

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I would agree the higher end cars in the range are often the least reliable.

More to go wrong.

No heated screens, no electric windows and no central locking. Very little to

go wrong.

It used to be the sporty models in the ranges were the least reliable, they tended to

get more kit as standard also.

Maybe people who buy the cheapest car in the range are less likely to quibble about a

slight noise than someone who bought the range topping model?

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Many prefer models towards the end of their shelf life. Faults and flaws have been found and fixed by and for previous testers / owners. Later cars in theory should be improved and more reliable. End of the line can often have a few extras to keep sales up.

This worked for me with a Y-reg ST200 followed by 56-reg ST TDCi.

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