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Hi Guys

64 plate 2.0l tdi kuga battery is dying through the night sometimes. When it died 2 weeks ago,I recently completely recharged the battery with a charger, checked it's current hold after it were charged and it showing 65ah out of a 72 ah battery which were pretty good for its age. Had no problems starting since until today.

Last night my mrs were on the phone in the house and her phone kept trying to link to bluetooth on the car however when I went to the car,nothing were on. Relocked the carjust incase, however it happened again whilst she were on the phone in the house. This morning battery completely dead. Yesterday she were also on the phone in the car using the bluetooth when she parked up and she thinks she turned the engine off whilst on the phone, completed the phone call, got out the car and locked up.

Has anyone else had the same issue? I've seen posts about a bluetooth software upgrade required due to drainage of power. Is this the same thing or is something else required?

Be appreciated for some advice.


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