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Leaking AC

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Just know I have an AC Leak. Dont know where from yet, as I know nothing about AC at all.

All I know is I can remove sensor connection to stop constant cooling fan ..

What is most likely scenario with these?

I guess its always gonna need a specialist rather than a spanner jockey like myself?
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ok not an expert either but just a thought .there is an aerosol spray that detects ac leaks by spraying it along the lines etc when the system is charged with ac gas and the compressor is running if the gas leaks out the aerosol stuff reacts with same and gives an indicaton color .I would take a trip to your local friendly fefregeration fitting service for some friendly advise ..but as you say if you really want it sorted you will have to take it to a ford dealer and have it diagnosed andfixed professionally and id expect this to be expensive but then it might be a case of simply tightening a coupler and soted ..good luck with it ..s
look around for someone to come and look at it. they will top it up for about £50 ish and should be able to detect the leak for you. no point in trying to find it yourself as the system needs to be charged and running to find the leak, and although you can buy cannisters of the refridgerant it actually works out cheaper to let the professionals do it
hi there

kwik fit were doing a regas for £25. the offer might still be on.

if you don't know when it was last done, chances are that it's just low on gas, hence the fan on all the time.

a/c can loss up to 25% of it's gas every year. you should service it every two years.

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