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Leaky door

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Hello there, I've got a slight leak on my driver's door, the water appears to be resting on top of the rubber strip at the base of the door and then when the groove gets full it seeps into the car. Does this mean I need a new door seal or is there a drain hole blocked?

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No, it's probably the foam membrane behind the door card that isn't sealing properly. Open the door an run a hose onto the window whilst watching the base of the door card on the inside for dribbles.

Remove the door card (wiki). Peel back the grey foam (without ripping it) from the offending area and re-seal, either by heating the existing adhesive or applying new gunk. I used B&Q gutter seal in a black skeleton gun tube for mine.
Ah right, cheers for that!
take door card off follow the front window runner down to the bottom were it bolts to the door the warter comes in there though a little hole you will see what i mean when you take it off
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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