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I've owned my Mk4 Titanium X for 8 years now and still love it, I know where I am with it, it's reliable and I've added many mods over the years, as I love to tinker, and plan to keep it for a few more years. I did the bluetooth mod, along with a Dab mod and Sat Nav. I used Phil's LED's for the interior and DRL's, added DVD screens for the kids in the headrest, then added an Android headunit, after market parking aid and cameras, utilising the original dash button to mimic the original function and look.

I've not done much recently, and then my DRL's started playing up, along with some of the other LED's, so I started a new project. First I replaced all the interior bulbs, puddle lamp bulbs, number plate light bulbs, removed the DRL's and replaced with normal LED's. Whilst the front side lights are no patch on the DRL's, I'm still looking into other options, but for now they will do.

Something that always bugged me was the front side lights not coming on when unlocking, I couldn't find a way in forscan to enable this, so I used a similar method to Phil's option for the number plate lights. Using relays, I tapped into the courtesy light feed and connected up the side lights so they now work on unlock. I then added a some more relays to turn on the front side lights with the ignition, also adding a cutoff switch in the glove box. ( A poor man's DRL!)

I then extended this to the rear side lights, after finding the correct wires in the boot, I ran a wire from the front to the back to allow these to be included in the override switch,

After this I decided to mod the rear lights so all three act as a brake light. This involved using a feed from the high line brake light to feed the fog light and sidelight bulbs in the boot lid. I had already added a load resistor to the fog light for the LED bulbs and also a diode for the brake light, however this kept causing the boot lid brake lights to stop working until I restarted the ignition. So I decide to use a relay instead, normal closed the lights function as brake lights, when I switch on the fog light the relay switches to fog light and avoids the issue to the brake lights not working.

Finally I noticed that he 3rd rear sidelight was a dual contact bulb only use one contact, so I modded the holder, added an additional contact (using a blade connector and a spring from a pen) to add dual function, however this bulb as offset pins, so I filed down one of the pins on my LED bulbs and it works a treat.

I also added LED indicator bulb(including side markers), with load resistors front and rear to stop hyperflash. I fitted the front resistors below the headlights, so will get plenty of cooling. The rear resistors were mounted behind the light cluster, away from any wiring or trim and all work great.

I also added LED reverse light bulbs, with are most noticable as now white rather that yellowish.

So I now have full LED lights (Bar Head lights), I also have H11 LED front fog lights, the rear lights are brighter, but not too bright and all 3 lights as brake lights looks a lot better and more modern. It's took me a few days, but overall I'm happy with the results.


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