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Hi all

I can't get the dealer to confirm if LED lights will work with the MK5 Mondeo. Anybody order one with the towbar factory fitted and tried to use an LED lighting board or LED tail lights with it attached to the trailer socket.

Do the lights flicker like they do on the factory fit MK4?



Big Megger
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Hi d0n13.

My current 4.5 has a wesfalia towbar fitted. I fitted it myself, (brag! brag!).

I used a designated wire loom as supplied by westfalia. This included

certain modules.

My trailer LED lighting board worked perfectly with it and no flickering or

fault display on the converse+ system.

Strangely enough though, I could never get replacement led bulbs

to work in the rear car lamp unit.

I assume the mk5 should be more advanced as all the bulbs are

led ........ on Titanium anyway.
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