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lights on dash

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hi again guys,over the past 3 monthes ive gone through 4 sets of headlight bulbs,as they keep blowing when you accerate over 4000rpms and all the lights come on the dashboard? im really stuck to what to do,ive checked alternator and its fine? thanks charlie
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Can you rig a voltmeter to the battery and rev over 4K to test voltage, deffo sounds like a duff voltage regulator!
Sounds like a suspect regulator on the alternator. Measure it, as suggested above... next things to pop are the ECU and whatnot, which would make the job much more of a hassle...

hi guys,got a simerler problem with my st24,under load over 2500rpms i get the dash lights on and if i have the headlights on they get blown,checked alternator and it checks out good even at 2500-3000 revs?any ideas lads?charlie
you have to explain better the dash lights come on on their own. and which lights blow the head lights or the dash lights ..eiter way a first glance it soundslike to me that the alternator is over charging and this should show up with a voltmetor set across the battery terminals and rev the engine should get around 12 to 13.5 volts when the engine is revved to about 1500 revs .any appreciable more menas over voting by the asternator and means your alternator needs attention .....
its the headlights that blow and if you use the mainbeam just to get home and go over 3000-3500rpm they blow as well,ive been told it may be the voltage regulator on the alternator?,which alyernator is on the st24 and how can i get a new regulator? thanks charlie
u got told it might be the regulator on another thread, still dont know why u started another thread

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