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Limp mode maybe?

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My car is a 52 plate Mondeo 2.0 Ghia petrol engine. Does it have a limp home mode (as with the TDCi etc)?

If it does and my car is in limp mode what symptoms can I excpect - apart from much reduced power? Does it actually limit the revs to the extent that the rev counter will not go beyond a certaan level or will the car just have to work MUCH harder to get to the higher revs?

My symptoms are that the car suddenly lost a lot of power which I noticed when I went to change from 4th to 5th only to find I was already in 5th.

There is no pickup beyone around 3k revs and this is more apparent in 4th and 5th (especially 5th). Feels like the clutch is slipping almost but the last thing I want to do is replace the clutch if it's not required at the price it costs for a Mondeo!

Another point to note is the high pitched whine at around 3k revs in 4th and 5th (although I am pretty sure this will be there in other gears too).

How likely is it that this could in fact be the water pump that's packed in which has put the car in limp mode? The whine is not there when the car is revved in neutral.

Your expert opininons would be most welcomed as I daren't drive the car as it is for fear of wrecking the engine.

If anyone can point me in the direction of a good honest garage around Sheffield / Rotherham that would be appreciated too as I am currently thinking of taking her in to Ford to have the codes pulled and expect this will cost a fortune!

Thanks again!
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If the clutch is slipping your revs will rise quickly with the road speed struggling to play catchup.

It wont limit the revs.

Get upto 4th gear let the speed drop to less than 30mph and floor the throttle. Do the revs rise quickly? Or start the car up put it into 2nd or 3rd gear whilst stationary, Handbrake on and stand on the brake, let the clutch all the way out, Does it stall?

You dont say what part of the country your in, But you can buy a code reader for around £25 which is a lot less than ford charge to plug it in.
hi the whine if it were the pump would also occur in neutral as the engine was revved so i dont think it has to do with the coolent pump.but i have a feeling the prob could be fuel pump related could it be that a filter or the collector inlet is partially blocked .another source of whine is the engine oil pump and its collector plate in the sump being blocked but this would almost certainly set an engine warning ligtht .but both these possible causes would more thatn likely occur when the engine was revved in neutral .soo the obvious most likely cause of whine noise only occuring as the car is being driven is gearbox clutch drive train related .i would not expect a slipping clutch to set the limp mode in the motor though im open to correction on this .a sure way to test your clutch is drive the car to the nearest steep hill to your home and approach the hill in steady top gear and as you climb increase speed but dont drop down a gear if the clutch is slippiing the engine will immediatly start to rev.and the car will not respond to the engine it shuld .of course there is a static test you can do at home like starting the car and enguaging it in say second gear and trying to move forward whilst the hand brake in in the on position or wheeels are well chocked or as as stated above by the other contributer but as all these methods are slightly iffy for the amatuer mechanic i reccomend you take the car to a professional mechanic or garage to have conclusive tests done as there is a limit to what you can gleam depending on capabilities from these sites.good luck with it .s
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I have done all the clutch tests and despite one garage telling me I definitely need a clutch I am not at all convinced!

The revs are not at all erratic - I do not see a sudden surge in revs under accelleration in a high gear going up a hill. The car does seem to struggle mightily getting up a hill though in a higher gear and at higher revs.

When stationary, if I let the clutch out whilst in gear and handbrake applied the car does indeed stall as you would expect - in any gear the effect is the same.

On a motorway, cruising along in say 70-80 mph in 5th gear there seems to be a distinct lack of power, as if there is nothing more to give. The revs rise steadily as I accellerate but the speed only increases a little and although I am not, it feels like when you push a healthy car to its top speed and there is nothing left for it to give and you can just feel it will not go any faster if this makes sense?

I have no engine warning light on so the whining which starts at around 3k revs in 4th gear and lack of power is really all I have to go on.

when travelling at say 80mph I find I am doing 3.5k revs. Is this a little high for my car do you think?

I am now wondering (after reading this forum some more) about the EGR valve - could this be causing the problems I am seeing? I don't have rough idle but the lack of power seems to tie in. Can this cause the whining / whistling also? If this was at fault, am I right in thinking I would see the engine management light come on?

Thanks again for info so far ...
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I have just been outside tinkering and have discovered that this noise is there in neutral too when the engine is revved hard.

Sounds like some sort of vacuum leak to me. No idea where to look to find it though. I am convinced that the lack of power and the whistle / whine noise when revs are increased are related!

Any more thoguhts on this?
Air leak on the manifold? Manifold flaps broken & blocking an intake port?

Checked vacuum pipes?

You should add your location, You may live near someone thats willing to have a listen or knows a good garage/mechanic close to you.
Well I can get to garages around Sheffield / Rotherham so if anyone has any recommendations shout up!

Trouble is that could not have come at a worse time. I'm considering taking the car into Ford for diags, as I need the car back on the road asap. What will I get with diag report? Will it be a thorough asessment for the £88 they charge - ie will it tell me for sure that the issue is or will it just come back as no fault found, that's £88 please??

Not had a chance really to spend much time on it but in any case I'm not entirely sure what to check. Have had a listen under the bonnet but all I hear is engine noise when I rev it! Not sure exactly where I should be looking. Mechanic has had a very quick look at manifold and said it seems ok.

I was going to attempt removal of the EGR valve but I couldn't find it (Duratec HE).

Problem is a very strange one, feels like the clutch is slipping but all the clutch tests prove it's not. There is just no pulling power there. No erratic revving - best way I can describe it is that when in top it feels like there should be another gear. This is how I noticed the problem in the first place at the same time as the car started to whistle at 3k revs.

I really just need to get this sorted, any thoughts on best way to go about it and any comment on whether Ford diags is worth the cost?

Should I not expect an engine management warning when something like this happens?
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If the EML light hasn't come on you could well spend £88 for a diagnostic that finds no faults.
I have this happening on my 2000 mk3 2.0 bur only intermitantly. Annoying as feck. Will not go above 4.5k revs in any gear or in neutral seems to appear and disappear at random.

It's recently had a service as well. So new filters all round, spark plugs and leads. It was there before service and still there. Also maybe unrelated but it sounds like all sound deading us gone from the engine as it's loud inside the car. AND it feels like it's grinding??? Possibly a wheel bearing??? The car has done 148k as well.

Any help would be appreciated... Ta
This is getting very annoying now... I'll check the lamba sensor when I get a chance to get under the car see if it needs cleaning... Either that or my cat is fubar'd... Any body else got any ideas??
I've since had my car on a code reader when the car has the limp mode and when it hasn't and either way there's no fault code coming up... Still gonna gave have to look into it...
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