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Looking for advice

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Right, not been on this fair forum for a while, but I'm after some advice from people!

Until recently I was running about in a rather nice modified Volvo 850 T-5 packing about 250bhp. Annoying M3s was all well and good, but due to some unforseen problems, it had to go. Since then I've been pootling about in an Escort, but I'm thinking I may move back into something a bit nicer, especially as most of my miles seem to be done on the motorway.

A couple of friends have MK3s and it's a car I've always had a soft spot for. The relative modernity is appealing, as well as it being a decent drive, as well as comfortable and spacious etc. It's probably the best choice I've found so far.

The sticky part seems to come when we arrive at the budget. Due to being a poor (albeit mature) student, I'm quite limited on how much I can spend. Absolutely maximum is looking to be about £1500. Not good really, but that's life. In an ideal world I'd be buying a nice TDCI 130PS, but having looked through ebay/auto trader/pistonheads, this is looking pretty unlikely at the moment. This got me looking at other models. The 1.8 is wholely unappealing to be honest with you, as it isn't the most potent thing in the world, and I don't really want an older TDDI. This only leaves the 2.0 and 2.5 models really. There seems to be a few 2.0s in budget, with the odd 2.5 creeping in as well.

The insurance on the 2.5 is a bit steep seemingly (more than my 850!) but if a nice one turned up I may consider it. The 2.0 is probably the best balance, though the tax isn't too pleasant on later cars it seems, almost as much as the V6 thanks to Gordon and his bright ideas.

Trim wise I was looking at a Ghia X ideally. The looks of the Zetec-S are appealing, but the lack of equipment and high price are far from appealing.

Anyway, what I'm really looking for is some advice on whether good cars can be had in the £1000-1500 area, what engines are worth looking at, which should be avoided, and any pitfalls associated with the various models and engines, so I can make a more educated decision on what I'm looking at.

Best contender I've found so far is an X-plate 2.0 Ghia X in black for £1350-odd with 113k on the clock and full MOT.

Thanks in advance people :content:
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When i was looking a couple of weeks back i found a fair few 130ps 6 speeds for around £1500 there was even a ghia for that with full leather so just keep our eyes open i love mine now greta for munching up those motorway miles lol
If looking for a maximum of £1500 i would choose a 2L petrol.
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