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Looking for rear courtesy lamp - confused about options

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Right so I've been wanting to get hold of a rear courtesy light for some time now, but haven't come across a second hand unit for an affordable price.

More's the problem that I find a bewildering array of different options, complicated by the issue of whether a surround frame is included or if even necessary.

There is this simple option which appears to be shown installed with no surround:

On the other hand here is what looks like the same thing, with a surround... or is this a bracket which is not visible once installed? :

Then there are the versions with integrated map-lights, which I would really prefer for rear passengers:

(as shown in the wiki article with a surround)

But what about this - just for the front? :

Anyone know about this stuff?
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the first and second are the same as you said its invisible ring once fitted and the others all need the cream ring as shown on the rear one fitted
The WIKI one looks nice
I have just fitted the one in the top 2 pics. The metal ring is hidden. The metal ring is very good as a template. I choose that one because I wont need reading lights, just wanted to light the rear simply.
kami1587 said:
The WIKI one looks nice
I agree, much better than the oval one, can't find it though at a reasonable price :tonofbricks:
iv just sold one of the wikki ones for £5 lol no one here wanted it so i ebayed it
With a surround? I'm watching eBay but they seem rare.
The surround isn't very expensive new from your friendly local dealer. :L
Okay, your implication being to get the light as a front unit then the frame to use in rear separately; is the wiki one above also a front light type? Why the difference with the other one pictured (which I thought was the 'standard' front one with map-lights)?
The units change depending on trim spec of the car. You can also use the light unit's out of a MK4 Mondeo like I have done.

The top picture is the front with ambient lighting, and the bottom is the rear with reading lights.

Just to give ideas and options to look out for.


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