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As the title says im looking to buy a used 2005 Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCI as my first car. It is affordable here in Slovenia and looking at several reviews it seems fairly reliable except for the water pump failing, dual mass flywheel problems (dont even know what it does and if its expensive to fix) and injector leaks on such an old car. I am looking for advice on what to look for on these cars, and if it is even worth a look for the price and the mileage (1100eur, 275000km) and if any problems can be done DIY without much mechanic knowledge. We had a 2005 mondeo estate 2.2 tdci (basically the same car, except for the shape) and it ran without major problems for 330000km before we sold it. The only problems that happened were a water pump fault, and we had to tow the car to the mechanic to prevent it overheating (and it wasnt really expensive to fix) and a EGR valve which was full of carbon deposits (which we removed and cleaned by ourselves).

TLDR Is it worth it, what to look for, can it be DIY-ed
Link to the car website (in Slovenian, I can translate if necessary)
Ford Mondeo 2.2 TDCi 155 KM , letnik:2005,1100 EUR :: Avtonet ::
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