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losing energy

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1 year ago, my mondy was losing a lot of electrical energy. the battery was over in just 1 day.
the mechanic thought that was the central locking module. he has dismounted and reseted it and nothing...
i've found the problem: it was the headlight motor.
but after that, my lock have worked just 1 time, and nevermore.
but when i disconnect the positive battery cable, and connect the doors UNLOCK. it could be the module??

a month ago, after dismount the dashboard, when i've connect the heater windscreen switch, i've listened a glitch. it was the central timer control (in the passanger fuse box). coincidentally or not, the car is losing energy, but it just happened 2 times, and not constantly.

all these problems could have something in common??

thanks for any help
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i've forgotten... the battery light don't turns on when i turn the key
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