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loss of radio signal

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Hi, with my 02 mondeo ever now and again the radio will cut out. It happens at random times and in random places.

It will appear to go fine, but the then reception will go unbearable on all wavelengths, and quite oddly will 'flip' between radio stations.

The other day was listening to talkSport when the reception died, and I could distinctly hear radio 5 live as well.

CD player is fine, could it be that I need a new aerial?
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i had this problem then the radio died altogether. i tried a different head unit and worked fine so i think its a fault with the unit. aril was fine. what radiois it. mine is a 6006e
mine is slightly different, off the top of my head it is 6000CD.

i don't think it is the unit itself as the CD player works fine, and to me it just sounds like a fault with reception. Just wanted to see if it was a common fault?
if its a single cd then it is a 6000. ive got the 6 disk one. my cd works fine aswell. lol. if you have a spare unit just try it.doesnt cost any thin
long time I know, lost track of this forum but tried an old headunit and a new aerial and neither worked.

Tried the new aerial with the both headunits and had the same problem. Now admittedly it was an old headunit I tired and so that my be the problem or could it be the wiring?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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