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low pitch whining/whirring noise

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Put this here as I am unsure if its the running gear/suspension that has a problem or the engine, and didn't want to spam the boards so decided on here.

Anyway, since yesterday my car has developed a strange whirring/low pitched whining noise (not the high pitch squeek u associate with whining but can't think how else to describe it).

When moving from stationary from roughly 10mph until around 30-40 mph there is this strange noise, also occurs when decelerating again roughly at those speeds.

If you can imagine an electric motor being accelerated then you suddenly let go of the accelerator, the electric motor would gradually come to a stop but not instantly owing to the momentum it had gained from acceleration, well it kinda feels like that and is the type of sound you would associate with that.

I got into uni this morning and popped the bonnet, revved the car and there isn't anything untoward at all, so this leads me to think its something to do with the suspension?

Anyway, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers and TIA
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possibly more of a drone/hum than a whine/whirr?

Anyway, I suspect it could be wheel bearings, I should get it into the garage for him to take a look.

But, if it is the bearings, I might get him to bang on the mk3/st170 brake upgrade at the same time.

How urgent a job is the wheel bearings? (waiting for some more dosh to get the pads and braided hoses)
ok reading your prob and occurs to me when you open the bonnet and rev .there some things you dont test as in driving .like for instance the gear box.and associated items as they are static and in neutral. it sounds like could be wheel associated like a speed sensor or bearing but cud also be gearbox clutch .i would also check the preenguage on the startermotor and associated solenoid .its not always easy ot diagnose from a distance .s
Cheers mate,

given me a bit of something more to work with, although gearbox clutch sounds expensive.

Hope it's just the bearings instead lol
just come back from my girlfriends and noticed that whenever I steer right, either extremely gradually like on the motorway or sharper then the noise kicks in as the weight of the car shifts to the left hand side.

I am really hoping it's just the n/s/f bearing, as the noise seems to ease, even go once the car is balanced again or even when turning left, so it's definitely something on the left hand side... to my untrained mind anyway.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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