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Low revs at cold startup

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Hi all. I`ve a V reg MK2 estate with a slight problem. Cold starting is rubbish and the idling is low. I have had the glowplugs and fuel lines checked, all ok. The only thing I cant see working is the unit, (which I cant seem to find the correct name for)that is under the battery which has a throttle style cable attached to the fuel pump arm. When this arm is moved by hand, the revs go up a little and idling is lovely. Can someone give me the correct name of this item and where can I get 1?

Cheers, Electro.
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sounds like the partial load solenoid to me my frend or it could be the cold advance solenoid
I`ll post a pic later. The only way I can describe it is how I have lol. Where the accelerator cable links to the arm on the pump there is another arm which the item I`m after connects to via another accelerator style cable which travels to the item low down under the battery. Cheers for your help on this so far hoppy.
thats deff the partial load solenoid mate. why do you think its that if you dont mind me asking.just i might be rong but that would not work proply if you having trouble with air in fuel?and it a good starter on a morning and is it smokey when running rough?might be somthing els
I dont have any air in fuel probs or smoke issues, just the low revs till warm. Is there anything else i should be looking at that will raise the revs when cold?
the cable should have a black twist ajuster just under the throttle ajuster on the fuelpump try playing with that first mate and check and clean all the wire termanals that go to and from it and the fuse.i hope its somthing simple!its not nice not knowing. i think you can take it of and try it on your battery to see if its working that way.i think i would try that first
Think I`ll take it out this weekend. Is this deffo the partial load solenoid hoppy?
99.9% mate,if your under engin cover is missing it lets all the dirt cover every thing and they are not in the best of places relly and the wether we have had means road salt thats the killer!clogs every thing and any thing up
is this solenoid under the battery?
I`ll delete that junk i wrote, didnt see the actual post text, just the sig joke underneath duuuur, sorry, yeah its under the battery.
what did you say!?
I was thanking u for the post wondering why u had put an old joke into the thread then when the page came up after posting it i saw the swine flu joke was in your sig lol. Blind me lol
I am also having trouble with this device. The gearbox on the front of the motor (that actuates the cable) has plastic cogs which have worn down. So now the motor whirs away to itself and nothing happens.

Is this a partial load motor or a cold start advance? Cos starting is apalling and very smokey. (pump seems to tick fast and regular for few seconds after key)
you will need a new partial load mate this will be why the car starts and runs poor when cold!check your glow plugs to! trip too brakers yard i think mate
I went to a breakers today that had a running Mondeo TD. Started it from cold and saw the actuator pull th fuel pump lever. Bought it and fitted it, all working :)
how much was it?
£35 plus vat which i thought was a bit steep but it works so the pleased feeling outweighs the cost :)
never heard a bakers yard charging vat :question: never mind just as long your up and running again
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