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Lumpy Idling

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Had the oil and filter replaced about 2 weeks ago. Pulled up to junction today and the engine was very jumpy (like how it would be on a cold morning when just started only more extreme) The idling was very uneven and almost seemed to have a rhythm to it.

Could this be anything to do with getting the wrong oil (dont know what oil the mechanic used)? Could it be the injectors? Im confused as it stopped doing it after i switched it off and started it again but its something im sure is going to come back.
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Not likely to be the oil, They may have put a thicker oil in but you will just get slower cranking speeds and maybe a bit more noise until the engine warms the oil.

Get a code reader & see if there are any codes stored.
More likely injectors or inlet manifold/egr gunged up.
you may of had a sticky injector there for a few moments that happend to me last yr after a service try sticking some miller or like through to clean it out iv never had a prob since.
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