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Lumpy throttle, whooshing noise and lots of smoke.

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My TDCI 130 has a lumpy turbo response accompanied by a noticable increase in 'Whooooshhhh' noise and a considerable ammount of smoke when under load.
Last time it did this the pipe coming of the back of the turbo had split, once replaced it was fine.
Having jacked it up and had a good look around I can find no split, in fact Ford seem to have replaced the old rubber one with a metal one last time.

Any ideas?

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Check the pipe going from the EGR valve to the intercooler - its a VERY common problem.
Cheers, I'll have another look around.

I've spent an hour and a half with it up on ramps looking at every pipe, then I decided it was time for an other coffee!

2 hours on ramps, 4 cups of coffee and the assistance of my fellow man have revealed a 1 inch tear at the rear of the EGR downpipe.

This might also account for the fresh oily coat at the front of my engine!

Cheers for the reply fella, have a good weekend.

Right, Job Done.

Whilst it was off I cleaned the EGR valve too, shame I could only fid the new pipe at a Ford main dealer.... for £48 I was expecting it to be lined with gold!

Cheers again.
gaffer tape after cleaning the pipe will hold forever......£3 a roll
silicone hose kit for about £220 IIRC
steveyc said:
silicone hose kit for about £220 IIRC
my gaffer tape is silver.... :} :}
Must be worth reinforcing before it splits, another preventative maintenance task for me to put off until the warmer weather ..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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