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M+S Tyres

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Hi All
Looking for some help on finding some M=S tyres for the last bit of winter.

Problem I've got is my wheels are 18" rims (235/40 ZR 18) but I can't find a M+S tyre to suit the rims locally

So now faced with having to get a cheap set of smaller wheels (steel) for the M+S tyres unless I can find an 18" winter tyre

I don't know much about tyres & steering geometry etc. so not sure if an 18" M+S tyre is even available

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they have complete steel ones.

If you search there are 18" 235/40/18 also on the same site

PS, if you join you get 5% off also.
Having a spare set of rims with the M+S tyres is much easier anyway, you don't have to pay a garage to change them each season, with the risk of damage to the alloys. I just swap the whole set myself, takes 30 minutes max.
Thanks for the advice
Looks like I'll be getting a set or extra rims and keeping them in the garage when not on the car!!

I have got the Continental WinterContact WS810's in 235/40r18 fitted to my Mondeo in the highest speed rating they do and the Extra Load rating (95ish?).

I have to say I found them (the WinterContact) to be slightly smoother and quieter than the standard Continental SportContact2's.

M&S is just the manufacturers description for a their tyres which feature slightly more sipes in the tread pattern. What you want to look for is the three mountain peaks symbol. This is only given to tyres which have been tested and proven to meet a minimum pass criteria.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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