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M-Tech Automotive

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Anyone had any past experience with M-Tech Automotive? I have heard some good things about them on the Passion Ford forum however heard some people say not to ever use them on this forum. Need some advice as was going to use them to do a lot of work to my engine but checking them out first.

Thanks guys
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I'll move this to the Performance Section along with the other requests for info on tuners :L
there is a recent thread about them in serious performance, the guy from there came on here saying they are OK etc.

do a search for "mtech" in that section
Thanks guys, I spoke to them today and were really helpful about a turbo conversion just keep hearing different things.
must be ok if they're currently in favour on passionford, that forum is full of loads of knitters who bitch about fook all and whine endlessly about the slightest cock-up any tuners make.

i'm considering using Mtech myself this year, for a load of stuff on one of mine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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