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Hey all you ford dabblers, thanks for sharing your experiences in replacing fornt suspession on mondeo`s.
I currently drive a 02 2.0 tdci zetec 5door. It took four hours in my mates garage to remove strut fom car break down , change spring , change shock , reassemble and reinstall, (both sides). I came across springs from a 07 and they were free gratis so,ta very much.

THe method we used (son 13) .usual precautions, remove road wheel, 32mm sockett loosen drive nut at hub, remove top end of link bar from strut, remove pinch bolt from behind strut, release steering rod end from hub, release lower ball joint bolt. DO NOT TRY TO DISENGAGE YET. remove caliper from hub two bolts,push back drive shaft, loosen top three nuts on top of shock in engine bay and remove, remove horizontal bolt from wishbone, gently draw down and rotate and the whole asssembly will be in your lap (heavy), clear the car body with the strut and lift upwards to release it from the lower ball joint.

Please use spring compressers or if your really lucky a hyddraulic press. anyway its not rocket science ,replace refurbish, do watever you need to. refitting is just reversal of removal method....

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