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making a BBTB, advice please

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hi all,

as title says, but all i need to know is how to make/where to get the material from to make the new, larger butterfly valve flap?

if any one can give me some advice it would be much appreciated


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why not just fit a 70 or 75mm throttle body from a mustang??
as i can do the work myself making this a free mod

just dont know what to do for the butterfly
ah right ok.
can you get a butterfly from the scrappers from another vehicle with a larger tb and mod that to suit??
thats an idea, could try that, but theres gotta be a way to make one from some sheet metal, like brass or something?

i dont know of any one on here selling bbtb's either, but on the e36 bmw site there is a bloke that makes them and manifolds, who i bought a tb off in the past for an old bmw i had, but i dont wanna ask him as thats kinda his job, if you know what i mean.
ive got a large mustang throttle body on the floor of my shed your welcome to if you want it 75mm one
your best bet is to learn how to use cad, design sumit, draw it up and get it machines from solid. designing a after market product isnt as easy as your think, if you want to make a good job of it, it will cost. im asuming your not thinking of building this from stactch, ie maching from a billet as you wouldnt of posted this question in the first place
I'd just get a butterfly from the scrappy or ebay for a few quid, it would be a faff to make one and no point seeing how cheap they are?

i used to run a bored out TB with an Evo 5 butterfly fitted in it before i got the 65mm focus central TB.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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