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Manifold and EGR

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2001 Mondeo Tddi 280,000 mls

its been 9 days since I had the EGR valve and manifold taken off and cleaned by a mechanic, since then I have been getting really crappy MPG, I got 36 miles off £10 @£1.12p a litre, this is driving within a radius of 6 miles and quite a few stop starts, before the EGR and manifold was cleaned I was getting average 29-31 MPG from £5.

Is it possible the EGR or manifold has not been sealed properly or does the cars ECU need to re-adjust for the extra amount of air/gases coming through the EGR/Manifold.

After how many miles of driving will the ECU correct it self.
My mondeo does not have a visible Mass Air Flow sensor on top of the air filter box, Ford Dealer says he cant find one either on his parts catalogue for the early Tddi's.

Thanks in advance for the replies...
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I would think it will take 100 miles+ to sort itself out properly.

You should have done a bit of stop start and also take it for a run. Variable driving is the key i think. gentle acceleration at 1st then when its properly warm get a clear dual carriageway & git it a boot.

I would reset it & start again, Do as much in one go as possible, 6 miles is not enough, especially if you did not use the full rev range.
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