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January 2019 MK4 Titanium with 40,000 miles.

I've had the same problem of a crack appearing in both front door trims near the door handles on both sides. Where the crack appears is directly where there's a screw that holds it in place. The drivers side one actually had the section from the crack to the front of it fall off the other day when closing the door. Upon removing it it's obvious that the screws they used at this location and the very front one are too long and bottoming out in the plastic tube that's moulded onto the faceplate of that trim. Over time they're eventually causing it to crack all the way through with the opening and closing of the door as they exert pressure on that point, eventually getting to the point they snap off and that section of the trim falls off the door.

The passenger door which is in the photo below has only just started to as its not used as much. The driver's door is typically opened about 10 times a day, four days a week on days I'm working.

I've replaced the drivers side one with one off Ebay but when I put the two front screws in this time I've placed a washer and spring washer on them to space them back a couple of millimetres. Not a bad job to do although it will be almost impossible to take off the trim covering the screw at the top where the lever to open the door is without some sign of damage is as you need to do it from the front and it's such a good gapless fit I didn't even realise it was a cover you could prise off.

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Here's the link to a Youtube video showing how to remove the door card:
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