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Max..ed Mondy

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Here is my modded Mondeo- kitted out with megaphone, police siren and interchangeable flashing lights- yes we do have red and blue lights hehehe

The car is Mad Max themed for a charity rally in may


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Was that on ebay, I'm sure I seen this before ???
That's class. :}
Yeah it was on ebay about a year ago I think. The guy that did most of the theme used it on a rally- sold it on to a chap in the army who took it on three rallies last year raising money for help for Heroes.
We bought it a couple of weeks ago to drive to Spain in raising money for the NSPCC.
Plan to make a few upgrades and try and iron out some of the niggly faults- the temp guage doesnt work, nore does the heater.

If you like the car, maybe pop over to

All donations no matter how small are welcome
Kind regards
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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