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MCA Service Pack

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Hi I have a 2012 Mondeo with the MCA stereo with the sat-nav.

I'm looking at updating the maps as half the roads I'm on don't show up on the sat-nav.

I have found plenty of SD cards on ebay, is there anything in particular I need to be looking out for? Some say to compare with my current SD card, but doesn't actually tell me what to compare...

Also I have heard about Service Pack 2015 to upgrade the firmware. I have found a link for an ISO but then there's been talk of a blue disc and a black disc (though this may be the 2013 update), so I'm concerned I may have the wrong one for my system, is there 2 discs for the 2015 update and how do I know which to use?

Also I have been unable to see exactly what this update does? Is it a behind the scenes update or will I see any changes?


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I recently purchased a mk4 Business Edition with the same issue - roads did not exist etc..
So I found an SD Card on Ebay for £19.99

I searched for " Mondeo mk4 Nav update" and when it came I just replaced the one in it. It came up on screen with the old vs new FW numbers and Map Numbers and I set the update running, took it about 5 mins and seems to have worked OK, ive not had any issues since.
I have to admit stuff like this worries me, but this went like a dream.

Hope this helps
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I updated my sat nav system today with one of the cards from ebay, it worked a treat, came up on screen as said in the comment above, mine was a little more than £19.99 mine was only £10 more but we'll worth doing the update, can post link to the one I used if that any help to you
Wilko505 you need both, the firmware-update and the maps-update (containing the update of the navigation engine also).
If your device (and so the firmware) is of 2012, it is not thaaat important but you should update. It's fairly easy: Firmware-Update auf "ServicePack 2015" durchführen [MK4-Wiki]

If you are looking for maps, keep in mind that mostly 90% (if not even more) offers on ebay are fake/cloned maps. Some work, some don't, some let your device restart. You need to try out, if you dare. The other question is what maps are on those clones? Could be newest, but even so old ones. You have nearly no chance to find out if you where betraied or not. So my advice is to buy a genuine one, which you will get of course not under 100€ (or Pound).

Once you got it, swap it with the old one. Chances are high it also install/updates the navigation engine, which looks like an update also but takes much less time.
Go4it: where do you recommend a trustworthy website to buy these? I'm picking up a 2014 titanium business edition (only 23,000 miles) at the weekend.
It's a shame the mca sat nav cannot be replaced with a modern android based system.
It can be replaced, just not a cheapo unit on its own. You need to purchase other items which pushes the
price up or have workarounds which require time/skill if not just money.
Thanks. When I've looked, most products seem to be for the non sat nav head units and say the mca sat nav is not replaceable. If I found one would definitely need someone to fit. Mayne better to just use my phone.:)
Go4it: where do you recommend a trustworthy website to buy these? I'm picking up a 2014 titanium business edition (only 23,000 miles) at the weekend.
In Germany you can buy genuine SD-Cards directly at a Ford dealer for under 100€, this i would recommend.
Thank you. I've found a good dealer. @go4it was there any benefit for service pack 2015 in terms of system functionality etc?
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