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Owning this car is all about prestige; the sound of the V-8 engine, the size and the uniqueness of the car today gives all its drivers a remarkable amount of pride.
The Ford Fairlane ZD is considered to be one of the most luxurious muscle cars of the 70's era. Power steering, disc brakes and radio were a luxury back then so this car was an instant hit. People who were willing to let their car speak for their impeccable taste were automatically attracted to this car and the flamboyance of their ride attracted a lot of other people too.

Ford Fairlane ZD was released as the final model of Ford's hit ZA-ZD series in 1971. The grille looked similar to that of the Lincoln Continental, but other alterations to the tail light and some minute changes to the interior made it one of the most sought after cars by people who let their rides flaunt their style. At, we have interviewed a Ford Fairlane ZD owner, ****, who loves cruising on his ride and can't get enough of the beautiful V-8 engine sound. Let's see what **** has to say about the car that captured more than 50 percent of the Australian prestige vehicle market in the early 70's. What made you buy the car?
****: Initially, the shape that gives it a vintage collector's item look attracted me a lot and I looked further into the cars specs. Being a Fairlane, it is a classic car with a very impressive drive. I'm in love with the design of the car and the air conditioning and power steering add extra value to the car considering how old it is but has factory fitted luxuries that were so uncommon at that time. How long have you owned it for?
****: I have had the car for a little over 12 months now and I have enjoyed every minute of its truly pleasurable drive. I don't think I'm going to sell the car anytime soon unless someone considers me an offer and pays me over the top for it. What do you use it for?
****: I usually rent it out to people who want something different and unique for their weddings, formal functions and other special events. A lot of people have also hired it to get to their birthday parties and anniversaries in style. Apart from that I enjoy driving it around as I love the V-8 engine sound.

As we talked to ****, we found out that the ZD produces not only the sound of a muscle car, its performance and comfort is enough to beat any car half its age. A well maintained ZD is as impressive and appealing as a much recent muscle car. While maintaining a notable average speed, the ZD offers good mileage and the non-standard shock absorbers and wide rim wheels do not cause any trouble over rough roads.
At high speeds, the throttle response and the balance of the car is surprisingly brilliant and despite the bulky suspension design, **** says that ZD offers exceptional handling on rough surfaces. This is probably why so many rural drivers love this car. What's under the bonnet?
****: It's got the 302 Windsor. It provides excellent power and the rumbling sound makes it very enjoyable. The mileage is also quite alright considering, it's got a carburetor and not one of those EFI systems. Have you made any changes to car or modified it in any way?
****: I have re-sprayed the car to make it look neat and more presentable since a lot of people I rent it out to, use it as wedding cars or take it to other formal functions. I've had the seats re-trimmed and re-fitted for added comfort. I've also recently changed the carpet on the floor as the old one was quite dirty.
I had it all fixed by a very proficient mechanic as I don't want the car to give me any kind of trouble. The sun visors have also been replaced and I also got it tuned recently so, you can say, it is in quite pristine condition at the moment. Anything else planned for it?
****: I plan to keep it for weddings and car hire mostly. Like I said earlier I would like to keep the car for a while unless someone pays me really good money for it, then I might think about selling it. Apart from that I don't have any problems with it and I really think this car is worth a lot due to its vintage look. Would you do anything differently if you did it again?
****: I don't think so. It provides enough comfort and performance in its original condition. And personally I try and keep things as original as I can. Thoughts on the general ownership experience of the vehicle?
****: There have been times where I think that the car has given me some trouble and I've had to do a lot to it in the last 12 months, but that's what happens to old cars isn't it. It's 43 years old and must've passed through several owners before ending up here. All in all I think it is worth it. I'm quite happy with the car.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?
****: This car is a real beauty, and I can let you be the judge of that. You can view some pictures of the car at my website
The Ford Fairlane ZD is indeed one of the most attractive vintage cars with such luxury and performance. The disc braking system, powerful air conditioning and power steering, considering its age, leave most drivers in awe.

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This sounds like an interesting vehicle to own. I think if they sold it in the States, I would purchase one just because I heard from one of the owners it is a good vehcile to have.

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The old ZD 'Lane. I haven't seen one of those tanks for friggin' years. Most of them rusted away, but there are a few still kicking around. A few of my mates have the later versions, an NF and NU Fairlane. NF came out in the mid 90's with a 4L SOHC straight 6 or an injected 302W V8. The NU came after, in about 1999 and came with the same motors
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